WattPlan Instance Configurations

WattPlan supports custom configurations for text and hyperlinks. Below, you can find common configurations as well as items that are not configurable.


Common Text Configurations

Throughout your WattPlan instance you’ll find text that guides users through the wizard steps, provides instructions on next steps, and offers information about the renewable energy available to your users. 

Nearly all text on your WattPlan instance is customizable, allowing you to edit and display your desired messages. This includes all headers (see figure 1), subheaders (see figure 2), paragraph text (see figure 3) and buttons (see figure 4).

Common text configurations include:

  • Adding utility specific language to paragraph texts.
  • Using personalized text to guide users on what to expect next from the utility.
  • Promoting your own utility programs. We will go into more detail about program promotion in the WattPlan Results Page section.


Example Home Page


Figure 1: Configurable Headers


Configurable Subheaders


Figure 2: Configurable Subheaders


Example of Additional Utility Information


Figure 3: Configurable Paragraph Text


 Example of Configurable Button Text


Figure 4: Configurable Button Text



Hyperlink Configurations

We can add hyperlinks within the text to allow for users to easily access any resource you provide.

Common hyperlink examples include:

  • A link to direct users to their utility accounts page and access their usage data (see figure 1)
  • A link to an externally available document that thoroughly describes the eligibility criteria of an incentive.
  • A link to energy efficiency examples or other content available on your utility site.


 Hyperlink within Subheader

Figure 1: Hyperlink within Subheader


 Hyperlink Example

Figure 2: Hyperlink to an Internal Section of the Page


Hyperlink Example

Figure 3: Hyperlink to External Resources to Provide Additional Information



Non Configurable Text Items

Some text on your WattPlan instance(s) is currently non-configurable, meaning that these items cannot be edited as easily as the items mentioned previously. These non-configurable items include text on graphs (see figure 1) and “Next” & “Back” buttons (see figure 2).


Non Configurable Item Example


Figure 1: Non Configurable Item – Graphs


Non Configurable Item Example


Figure 2: Non Configurable Item – Next, Back Buttons


Have additional questions? Contact us at support@wattplan.com and leverage the WattPlan team’s expertise.